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Great! You're on your way to creating your quality JamJar photobook.
Just follow our easy 3 step guide listed below and you'll be done in no time!

1. Download + Install

Download our free software via clicking the 'Download JamJar'
button at the bottom of this page and install on your computer.

Unique Templates

We have a unique JamJar template for every
occasion to preserve your special memories.

2. Drag + Drop

Select your chosen template then upload images to drag and drop
them into place. Even add text or captions on most templates

Quality Guaranteed

Every photobook is handchecked to ensure
our high quality print standards are kept.

3. Create + Publish

Create all of your pages, then when you're ready to print, click the
‘Publish’ button within our software to finalise your order

Shipping Included

We include New Zealand wide postage within
our pricing. We're known for our fast turnaround.

Download JamJar

Get started creating your project

Making photobooks is easy

Our free and easy to use software makes creating
your photo books so fun and simple.

  • Drag and drop images, even add text and captions
  • Unique themes for every occasion
  • Safe and securely create photo books from your computer, even save them to finish later
  • Proudly handmade in New Zealand using quality paper and premium digital printing
Download JamJar