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Square – 203mm x 203mm (8″ x 8″)

Design Your Own is for those who want to create the pages themselves.

Design Your Own is for use when the page layouts are designed in another program, such as Photoshop, and then imported into our free JamJar software as .jpg .png or .tiff files. This template is great for digital scrapbooking. All of our photo books are handmade here in New Zealand using quality materials. Other books in our range have a much larger choice of page layout templates than a scrapbook does, and you can also use your own images within them as well.

Cover. The Design Your Own template has a printed hardcover wrap-around cover. The diagram on this page shows the layout you will need to use if you create a cover with an image that wraps right around the cover from the front to the back. The image needs to be made to these dimensions to enable it to wrap around the cover, to the inside, which is normal in books of this type. You can contact us if you need help with preparing your cover file.

Pages. These books can have between 20 and 70 pages. (Which is 10 to 35 leaves or sheets of paper)

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Page Templates

This table shows the professionally designed page layout templates that are available in Design Your Own PhotoBooks. They are empty, as they would be before you create your photobook. Any template can be used on any page as often as required.

Photos are dragged and dropped onto the gray areas on the templates. Each gray area is intended for a photo and if a one is not placed there it will show up as white when the photobook is printed.

  • Fonts

    The default font when you open the templates is Times New Roman but this can be changed. The font size is set to ensure a uniform typography throughout the book. The sizes are industry standard and easy to read.

    The title page font size is 48 point..

    Pages with title and text have 32 point titles and 12 point in the main text areas.

    Large blocks of text and full text pages are in 12 point.

  • Images

    Photos and images are dragged and dropped onto the desired space in the template and once there they can be enlarged (zoomed) and moved within the space to provide the best effect. For more information about this see Adjusting Photos.

  • Linen Cloth Hard Cover

    Classic A4 Landscape PhotoBook pages measure 210 mm x 297 mm and look sophisticated and valuable. They are hard cover case bound and available in White or Black linen cloth.

    The cloth is made in Holland and the book covers are made in the traditional way in Christchurch, New Zealand by a company that has been in business for 112 years. The cover picture is indented into the front, it is not a cut out hole.

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